What do RDs Eat for Lunch?

Ever wonder what a dietitian eats at work?

Well following my insta gives you that insider perk.

A lunch and 2 snacks makes my work day complete,

Planning ahead is key to keep healthy what you eat.

Egg salad, Flatout bread, spinach, and avocado too,

That's the kinda lunch to spice a workday that is blue.

Snack on Go Macro, apples, and sting cheese,

This RD eats a lot of food- jeez! 

FullSizeRender (51).jpg

Morning snack: apple + jalapeno string cheese

Lunch: egg salad made with Greek yogurt and curry powder on Flatout bread with spinach and half of an avocado, side of sugar snap peas

Afternoon snack: two mini Go Macro bars