7 News- Apple Cider Vinegar- Trendy or Faux Pas??

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DENVER — Registered dietitians say more and more people are asking them about drinking apple cider vinegar for health purposes.

Drinking vinegar has ancient roots, but it’s taking on new life thanks to its popularity on social media.

Dietitians say there are three things you should remember if you are trying to lose weight or improve health with apple cider vinegar.

1. People swear by apple cider vinegar claiming it helps you lose weight, detox your liver, helps with diabetes prevention, digestive help, and even gives you higher energy levels. But there is no evidence based research to backup such claims. Some studies do support improved health without medical evidence.

2. Drinking too much apple cider vinegar can cause heart arrhythmia, dangerously low potassium levels, and throat irritation. It can also react negatively to certain medication.

3. Taking small doses of apple cider vinegar will not hurt you. If you chose to use it dietitians recommend one tablespoon into a large glass of water once a day.

When it comes to diet and health detains say there is no magic elixir or replacement for a balanced diet and exercise.  


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